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In this program, you will receive points from each participating business, which can only be redeemed at the business where you received them. Additionally, for each transaction at any business, you will accumulate 10% of those points in Loyalty Points. So not only will the business reward you for your purchase, but so will we. Cool, isn’t it? 1


  1. Under the Loyalty Points program, multiple businesses share consumer data, but do not share the points earned at each store. Each business has its own rewards and scores. In addition, Pagovision LATAM, through Puntos Loyalty, will award each consumer 10% of the points accumulated at each store for each transaction. This additional balance of points is on behalf of Loyalty Points and will be shown on the customer’s balance as Loyalty Points Balance. For example, if a customer earned 100 points at a store, Loyalty Points will give away 10 points (10% of 100 points) on the customer’s Loyalty Points Balance. This percentage is subject to change without notice from Loyalty Points.


¿Los 3 Pasos para el exito de los programas de Fidelización?

¿Los 3 Pasos para el exito de los programas de Fidelización?

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